Busy Weekend For Allmendinger at Auto Club Speedway

Busy Weekend For Allmendinger at Auto Club Speedway

Boys/Girls Club visit, Autograph Session…and a SWAT team

Fontana, CA (21 March 2012) – Between sponsor appearances, team debriefs, and a host of other media appearances including filming for the NASCAR Now’s "Daily Dinger," AJ Allmendinger’s NASCAR Sprint Cup weekends are typically pretty busy. But this weekend’s visit to Auto Club Speedway will see the Penske Racing drivers schedule even more packed than usual, with a wide roster set for the weekend ahead of Sunday’s Auto Club 400.

Things will get off to an adrenaline-filled start with Shiloh Charities and the "Fuel for Success" program on Thursday as Allmendinger is set to participate in a "Hostage Rescue Scenario" with the Colton Police Department and the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department.

The SWAT exercise, which will be held under the guidance of Sgt. Jim Jolliff, will see AJ donning a different uniform as he’ll be fully decked out in SWAT gear, complete with actual SWAT equipment for the exercise. The experience will be even more authentic, as the San Bernadino County helicopter will participate in the exercise.

Immediately after the exercise the helicopter will land, giving the kids the chance to get an close up look at the helicopter as well as the Colton PD SWAT vehicles and equipment. The entire experience is part of the "Fuel for Success" program that Shell has supported for five years.

"Fuel for Success" has eight different law enforcement agencies throughout the United States working together with education leaders and NASCAR drivers to encourage young people to follow their dreams. These mentors share the exciting world of NASCAR Racing with the young participants of the program and expose them to various career options within the racing industry.

After meeting up with representatives from AAA on Thursday, AJ will be part of a NASCAR autograph session on Friday ahead of qualifying. Saturday will see make a suite visit to the Boys and Girls Club in the morning. At lunch, it will be the Dingers Crew Kids time to shine, as the group that won the Shiloh Charities "Food for Success" challenge earlier this year will be at the track, providing lunch to the Penske Racing 2 and 22 teams.

These students from Colton High School will begin their day at the Art Institute of California in San Bernardino. There they will be utilizing the Art Institute’s professional kitchen facilities to prepare the food for the teams before traveling to the track and personally delivering the fruits of their labor.

"I’m looking forward to the Auto Club Speedway weekend–it’s always fun to race in my home state, and hopefully we can have a good run out there" said Allmendinger. "This is a great program that Shiloh Charities has developed, and I’m happy to get invited to be a part of it, and really proud that Shell has been a key supporter for so many years. It should be a lot of fun–really, who wouldn’t want to put the SWAT team gear on?"

The Auto Club 400 will be broadcast on FOX Sunday, March 25 starting at 2:30 PM ET.

About Shiloh Charities
From cities within the United States, to villages in distant lands, we will strive to help women and children improve their daily lives and give them hope for a better and healthier future. In 2012, Shiloh will partner with Shell Oil to inspire young ones across the United States to reach their potential and explore new opportunities.
We hope to help encourage thousands through several carefully designed programs. Shiloh Charities will also continue it’s fifth year with sponsor Shell Oil with the "Fuel For Success" Motor Sports program.

For more information about AJ Allmendinger, visit www.ajallmendinger.com, follow him on Facebook www.facebook.com/ajallmendinger, and on Twitter www.twitter.com/ajdinger

About Walldinger Racing, Inc.: Walldinger Racing was formed in 2006 to support AJ Allmendinger’s motorsports career by developing commercial opportunities and partnership programs.


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