Fuel in a Bottle Power Shots Power Up with AJ Allmendinger


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Fuel in a Bottle Power Shots Power Up with AJ Allmendinger

NASCAR Racer Likes to Recharge in Minutes, Run Stronger For Hours

March 20 2012–(Charlotte, NC)– Long known for his high-energy style, Penske Racing NASCAR Sprint Cup driver AJ Allmendinger has been named as Brand Ambassador for a new brand of Energy and Protein power shots, Fuel in a Bottle ™. In addition to benefiting from the energy and protein boost that Fuel in a Bottle power shots provide, Allmendinger will be part of the brand’s marketing efforts through advertising and point of purchase placements.

“Everybody knows that no matter what I am doing–driving, training, or even just talking–I bring a little bit of extra energy to it!” said Allmendinger, who will be keeping up a regular schedule of media appearances during the 2012 NASCAR season. “I know that keeping up my intense workout regimen can be the key to success. So it’s pretty much a natural thing for me to team up with Fuel in a Bottle, and I am excited to be part of this campaign. Between the races, training, and all the travel that make up the NASCAR season, I am glad to have Fuel in a Bottle power shots in my back pocket to count on this year.”

“AJ’s high-energy is something people can really identify with and he will be a great asset for our Fuel in a Bottle power shots,” said BYB Brands President Norm George.

Fuel in a Bottle power shots are the only ready-to-drink shots that offer two types of fuel consumers need for their day — Energy and Protein. Fuel in a Bottle Energy shot provides a quick energy boost in convenient 2-ounce liquid form. It is packed with B Vitamins, is sugar free and has zero calories. Fuel in a Bottle Protein shot is loaded with 25g of high quality protein and essential amino acids that your body needs — in a 2.5 ounce power shot — eliminating the hassle of messy protein powders or shakes. Both varieties of Fuel in a Bottle allow consumers to ‘Recharge in minutes. Run stronger for hours.’™

“We are excited about Fuel in a Bottle power shots because they offer TWO different types of high-quality fuel people are looking for, at a price they can afford,” says George.

Fuel in a Bottle Energy and Fuel in a Bottle Protein are now available throughout the Southeastern United States. They can be purchased in convenience retail stores, health-food stores, and other specialty retail outlets. Fuel in a Bottle power shots are the latest products rolled out by BYB Brands. The company’s other beverages include Tum-E Yummies Fruit Flavored Drinks, Country Breeze Tea and Bean & Body Coffee.


Headquartered in Charlotte, NC, BYB Brands, Inc. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Consolidated. BYB Brands, Inc. is a full-service brand creation company, specializing in new and alternative beverages as well as other consumable products. For information visit www.bybbrands.com.

For more information about AJ Allmendinger, visit www.ajallmendinger.com, follow him on Facebook www.facebook.com/ajallmendinger, and on Twitter www.twitter.com/ajdinger

For more information about Fuel in a Bottle go to www.fuelinabottle.com, or on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/fuelinabottlepowershots.

About Walldinger Racing, Inc.: Walldinger Racing was formed in 2006 to support AJ Allmendinger’s motorsports career by developing commercial opportunities and partnership programs.


AJ Allmendinger
#22 Shell Pennzoil Dodge
Penske Racing



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