Richie Morris Racing Brings Momentum to Peoria

Richie Morris Racing Brings Momentum to Peoria

Returns to Honda power for single-cylinder race outing

Peoria, IL (14 August 2016) – Just days after racing in Rapid City, South Dakota on Tuesday night, Richie Morris Racing (RMR) will look to continue to build momentum through the AMA Pro Flat Track season this weekend as the squad as arrived to Peoria, Illinois for Sunday’s AMA Pro Grand National Championship at the Peoria Speedway. With the Peoria TT using only single cylinder specifications, the team will once again utilize the Honda CRF 450.

RMR became a partner with the American Honda family ahead of the 2016 season and is looking forward to the return at the famed Peoria TT.

Piloting the McElroy Packaging, Roland Sands Design and Tucker Rocky-supported entry, RMR rider Cory Texter has carded two consecutive top-ten finishes since joining the team. His sister and teammate Shayna Texter has continued to grow her speed on the twin in-house built chassis.

Tuesday night’s run at Sturgis saw Shayna Texter unload with confidence, posting competitive times in practice and earning a front row start for the semi. Despite setting a fastest lap that was just three tenths off the winners best, Texter came home eighth in the semi.

Cory Texter, who took ninth in his debut run with RMR at Charlotte, demonstrated the continued progress that the team has made with the bike. Despite a disappointing qualifying run early in the day, and then a challenging brake issue that kept him from charging to the finish in the final, Texter was able to bring home tenth at the finish in the Harley-Davidson GNC1 presented by Vance & Hines main.

“I was happy with our run in Sturgis," said RMR team owner Richie Morris. "We have seen more and more progress with the team and riders, we learned even more on Tuesday night. It is great to have these two races so close to each other in the schedule when we’ve got some momentum like this. It means a lot of hard work from the team, but everyone is focused on being competitive and hopefully we can keep that going on Sunday. We are happy to be representing Honda once again and are looking forward to making the most of the weekend.”

The race is slated to be streamed live at

Miller Lite/AMA Pro Grand National Championship at the Peoria Speedway

Harley-Davidson GNC1 presented by Vance & Hines schedule:

2:24pm – 2:32pm GNC1 Heat 1 16 Riders 10 Laps (1-4 to Main) (5-16 to Semi)

2:32pm – 2:40pm GNC1 Heat 2 16 Riders 10 Laps (1-4 to Main) (5-16 to Semi)

2:40pm – 2:48pm GNC1 Heat 3 16 Riders 10 Laps (1-4 to Main) (5-16 to Semi)

3:14pm – 3:22pm GNC1 Semi 1 18 Riders 10 Laps (1-3 to Main)

3:22pm – 3:30pm GNC1 Semi 2 18 Riders 10 Laps (1-3 to Main)

4:10pm – 4:20pm GNC1 Main Intro

4:20pm – 4:50pm GNC1 Main Event 18 Riders 25 Laps

Fans who are interesting in following Shayna Texter, RMR, and Cory Texter on social media can do so here!

Shayna Texter Instagram:

Shayna Texter Twitter:

Cory Texter Twitter/Instagram: @CoryTexter

Cory TexterFacebook: Cory Texer Racing

RMR Twitter: @RMorrisRacing

RMR Instagram: @RichieMorrisRacing

RMR Facebook: Richie Morris Racing

The official hashtag for AMA Pro Flat Track is #AMAProFlatTrack, and be sure to follow AMA Pro Flat Track on Twitter and Instagram at @amaproflattrack.

About RMR

RMR is a professional motorcycle race team. Having competed at the highest level in different genres of motorcycle racing, RMR has won four national championships in AMA Pro Road Racing. The team has scored numerous wins and podium finishes with many different professional riders. We believe in building a solid platform to win races and championships. In doing so, our mission being that of delivering value to our riders and partners.

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