“The Hues of Horsepower: Images of Endurance Racing at Daytona”

"The Hues of Horsepower: Images of Endurance Racing at Daytona"



Nashville, Tennessee (15 March 2013) – Noted motorsports photographer Wes Duenkel has made a career of capturing the effort and passion that goes into Sports Car racing, and the wrencher-turned-photographer will see his own efforts recognized starting this weekend as a selection of Duenkel’s work will be on display at the Lane Motor Museum in Nashville, beginning March 16, 2013.

Frequently dispatched to tracks across the continent to photograph for both private clients as well as a range of publications, Duenkel’s often stunning images have established him as an innovator. The savvy shooter is able to demonstrate the motion and emotion that goes into motorsport as well as convey the narrative of a race weekend.

The exhibition, which is entitled “Hues of Horsepower: Images of Endurance Racing at Daytona,” will feature 12 of Duenkel’s photos. He will speak about the images and his motorsports photography career at the museum’s "Vroom… Start Your Engines" event on March 16 at 11:30 AM and 1:30 PM.
Duenkel, a Goodlettsville, Tennessee resident, is a long-time fan of the museum and is thrilled to display his work at the popular Nashville landmark.

“Most of my work has been in GRAND-AM, and in addition to covering each event for StangTV.com (a go-to source for Mustang news), I provide images to several teams and corporate clients involved in the series,” says Duenkel, who has been traveling the sports car racing circuit for over six years.

“I find the ‘traveling circus’ of the racing world addictive. One of my favorite times to photograph is after the track has gone quiet, and the warm glow of dusk settles on the paddock. People think of the race track being a loud place, but when the cars are not on track, there are a lot of subtle sounds that I really appreciate–people laughing, impact guns clattering, generators humming. Mechanics change brake pads, adjust wheel alignment, and glue lug nuts to wheels. Drivers study data to turn the faster laps. Everyone wants to taste the champagne on race day and it is a great time to capture the personalities that pour their hearts into their jobs.”

Lane Motor Museum is well-known in Nashville and specializes in highly-unique, European cars that are rarely seen stateside. The goal of the organization is to share in the mission of collecting and preserving automotive history for future generations. With over 300 vehicles in its collection, Lane Motor Museum rotates its collection on a regular basis to keep the exhibit floor fresh for returning guests.

Both new and returning guests alike will have the opportunity to view some of Duenkel’s striking images which will be displayed from now until February 2014.

“A race team member will often ask me, “Why are your photos so crisp, clear, and colorful?” offered Duenkel. “It’s a good question, and not easy to answer. I used to engage a long explanation of the incremental benefits of focal lengths, apertures, file formats, and equipment quality. But now, instead of watching their eyes glaze over, I relate it to the question, ‘Why is your racecar so quick?’”

Duenkel’s work has been showcased in a range of national publications including Jetset Magazine, Ford’s 2013 Mustang GT500 posters and calendar, Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords Magazine, Road & Track Magazine, 5.0 Mustang Magazine, and Powerblock Magazine among many others.




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