Aerovault Trailer Joint Venture: Brock Racing Enterprises and Riley Technologies

Press Release from Brock Racing Enterprises:

Aerovault Trailer Joint Venture: Brock Racing Enterprises and Riley Technologies

For immediate release: "Our customers love their aerodynamic, full-feature Aerovault trailers. The only issue we’ve ever had is not being able to build enough to satisfy demand. By March of this year, we had sold out our entire 2011 build capacity", said Peter Brock, well-known automotive designer and CEO of Brock Racing Enterprises.

The challenge with increasing production lies at the very heart of the Aerovault’s advantage, it’s unique construction. The Aerovault doesn’t use conventional motor home construction techniques like other trailers and being truly aerodynamic, results in a dramatic increase in fuel efficiency and handling. "Those sharp-nosed Vs on so-called aero trailers do little to improve aerodynamics and the undersides are all turbulence with exposed axles and even loading ramps hanging down in some cases", exclaims Brock who made his reputation proving his aerodynamic theories with the Cobra Daytona Coupe which won the FIA World GT Championship in 1965.

Brock goes on to ponder; "Why don’t trailer manufacturers understand aerodynamics?" The Aerovault is not only efficient but it leverages a semi-monocoque design whereby its 1/8" thick aluminum skin is its structure. It’s no surprise that when Brock went to design a trailer for his own needs, he designed one that has more in common with a race car than a traditional trailer.

"For those reasons, no U.S. trailer manufacturers we approached were interested in building it" explains Brock. "From every perspective it’s a far superior trailer for users but it takes more time, requires more craftsmanship and consequently, costs much more to build. They didn’t have the skills nor understand the value. It was frustrating. Then a light bulb went off in my head when I saw Bill Riley at the Sebring race in March."

The skills at Riley Technologies go back to the 1990s with noted success in chassis development, car construction and race team wins. BRE became familiar with Bob Riley’s company in 1999 when they campaigned the Corvette C5 R and developed the Cadillac Northstar LMP car for the Le Mans series in 2000. As Brock delved into the details of their program, as a photojournalist reporting on the state of the industry for numerous news outlets, he liked what he saw.

"BRE approached us about building their trailers and we saw some good synergy", said Bill Riley, Vice President of Riley Technologies. Ron McMahon, Vice President and CFO, went on to state: "We’re an engineering company and it’s a well-engineered trailer. Where other manufacturers must have scratched their heads at the thought of fully skinning the underside of a trailer, we get it. I’ve towed trailers thousands of miles and as I went over every square inch of this trailer, I was impressed with all the well thought out details. We’re very pleased to be able to join BRE in satisfying the demand of car enthusiasts with yet another quality, well-engineered product."

Brock designed the Aerovault to satisfy the needs of the "weekend warrior". A person who wants to take their car to the track and maybe have a set of spare wheels and tires, fuel, a jack and some basic necessities on board. More than 50% of current Aerovault owners race vintage Porsches.

Common use also includes those who take their cars to Concours events. "I’m trying to start a Concours for trailers. I’d be a hands-down winner with my Aerovault", says Jay of Utah, who frequently takes home the prize with his collection of Ferraris and Lamborghinis which he hauls in his Aerovault.

One of the first things most notice is that with the trailer’s aerodynamic efficiency and superb handling, a super-sized tow vehicle is not required. Common tow vehicles include BMW X5s, Porsche Cayenne’s and Ford F150s. "I don’t want a dedicated tow vehicle. I want my tow vehicle to also serve as my daily driver", shared Brian from Long Island.

Of course a primary concern today is fuel efficiency. "Why tow around all this dead air space", says Brock of traditional trailers. Super road warrior Fred, from Arizona, keeps meticulous records. "When towing my previous trailer I couldn’t go faster than 65 mph or my truck would kick down from 6th gear to 5th. With the Aerovault these last two years I can go posted 75mph speeds with the truck in cruise control AND I get 35% better fuel mileage than with my previous trailer. If I go the same speed I did with my old trailer, at 65mph, I get 54% better fuel mileage!"

Production of the all aluminum Aerovault has begun at Riley’s 40,000 sq foot facility in Mooresville, NC with trailers being delivered to their new owners starting the end of January… just in time for the 2012 season!

For more information, view the Aerovault brochure at with detailed specifications and floor plans or contact BRE or Riley Technologies below.


Brock Racing Enterprises
342 Sunpac Ct
Henderson, NV 89011
Media Contact: Gayle Brock
e: info
p: 702-558-3374

Riley Technologies
170 Overhill Rd.
Mooresville, NC, 28117
p: 704-663-6319

Media Contact: Matt Cleary, Sunday Group Management
e: media
p: 317- 908-2975

BRE Aerovault – Riley Technologies Press release 2011-11-28.pdf

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