Samantha’s Hope Keeps Making Progress

Samantha’s Hope Keeps Making Progress

1 August, 2011— Young Samantha Ashabranner has showed a survivors spirit that has inspired countless others, having survived a horrific car crash that cost her mother’s life, and very nearly cut short her own.

The 13-year old was left with serious facial scarring, and despite a family that rallied to support her, she didn’t have the adequate coverage to gain the various surgeries needed. Fortunately, the racing world has been quick to help, forming to generate the awareness and funding needed to get Samantha back to being as much of her old self as is possible.

It has been just nine months since ‘Samantha’s Hope’ began, and Samantha and her family have received a tremendous outpouring of support from all of the Samantha’s Hope Supporters.

Samantha has already undergone two successful procedure with one more expected over the coming months. Samantha received her first procedure in January in which doctors worked to repair the damage to her eyelid and eye socket. The treatment was very successful and Samantha had her second procedure on June 22 when doctors reconstructed her right eyebrow and made repairs to her right hip.

Dr. Scott Loessin and the rest of the Halifax Hospital staff have taken great care of Samantha and all are hopeful that her last procedure will be in late-August or early-September when she will have additional laser resurfacing and more touch ups to her face.

Samantha and her family are extremely grateful for the continued support and encouragement from all of the Samantha’s Hope Supporters who have made such a difference in Samantha’s life.

“I  want to thank everyone who has stepped up to support Samantha already, the teams who were so welcoming,” said Terrye Frisselle, who has helped coordinate the entire effort. “Especially Shelley Taylor, Sandy Pijot and Mic Van Moltke  for being so supportive and helpful in this effort. Everyone’s support means so much and hopefully we can keep making a positive difference in this young girl’s life.”

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