Q and A with Trevor Hopwood

Your birthday?

August 30, 1981

2. Your hometown?

Prosperity, Pennsylvania

3. Your current city of residence?

Lee, New Hampshire

4. Marital status? Kids/ Pets?

Married 2 years to Casey. 1 kid on the way, should arrive hopefully before Mid-Ohio (cutting it close!), dog- Sugar Bear 5.5 year old yellow lab female.

5. Racing career highlights?

There are too many to list, we always remember our first pole, first win, first lap led, things like that. But 3 stick out, 2007 Championship in rookie season, first professional win in 2008 at Watkins Glen in ST and being selected to drive for the KIA factory program.

6. How did you get involved with racing?

My father raced and it was natural for me to as well. I started karting at age 13 and moved to cars at 16.

7. What was your first race ever like?

Pretty crazy actually. I had a podium finish until I spun with 2 laps to go. Couldn’t take the pressure.

8. What is your favorite racing memory?

Probably winning at Watkins Glen in 2008.

9. If you could race at any track in the world, where would you go? What makes that track so appealing to you?

Definitely Spa-Francorchamps. It is one of the last classic F1 circuits still out there. It is the type of track that really suits my style, lots of elevation changes and high-speed corners. Plus, the constant threat of rain is great too.

10. What racecar would you love the chance to drive?

Williams-Renault FW14B. That car was mega-trick, active suspension, traction control, ABS brakes and it was towards the beginning of the semi-automatic gearbox era. Add to that, Adrian Newey aerodynamics. Mansell and Patrese dominated the 1992 season with that car.

11. What is your teammate’s biggest strength?

I think Adam is one of the best qualifiers in the series. He has that skill to really wring the neck out of the car and get every thousandth of a second possible, even if we were struggling up to that point. When it’s my turn to qualify we usually are a bit further back than if he would be qualifying. I race better than I qualify.

12. What are your pre-race rituals or superstitions?

Never shave on race day.

13. What racecar driver do you really look up to as a role model?

Ayrton Senna was always my hero growing up. The guy just won at all costs. He’s really my inspiration when we get to take part in a rain race. The guy was the master in the wet.

14. What are your non-racing hobbies and interests?

I love to cook, kart, ski, and play video games

15. Why do you love racing?

Competition and winning.

16. Who would you like to have dinner with, dead or alive?

My grandfather. He passed away before I was born. I’d love to eat and chat with him and see what he was like. All I know are the stories I’ve been told. I think we would’ve gotten along well.

17. What do you consider to be your greatest accomplishment?

Every day I just try to better myself, be a good person and do the right thing. I figure if I do that every day will be my greatest accomplishment.

18. Where do you see yourself in five years?

Hopefully still racing. I’d like to move up and get into some GT cars or Prototypes, but the racing in the Continental Tire Series is some of the best out there.

19. If you weren’t racing, what would you do?

I’d still be working in a school, but there would need to be some sort of adrenaline fix in my life. Skiing always has that, you are always on edge and at the point of disaster.

20. Where is one place you want to travel to and haven’t?

I’ve been pretty lucky and been to some really cool places in this world, but Japan has always intrigued me. The culture of that country and history is astonishing. Not to mention the architecture. It will be interesting to see how they rebuild from the earthquake and tsunami and I can only hope for the best for their country and people.

21. What kind of music would we find on your iPod during a race weekend?

Usually some rap or some hard rock. Need the pump up music!

22. What is your favorite movie?

The Big Lebowski

23. Favorite professional sports team?

New England Patriots

24. Favorite place/type of food to eat when on the road?

Adam and I always try to sniff out an Arby’s as soon as we land at each event. It’s our pre-weekend ritual for a meal, and then try to find one again on the way out. If we are out west, In-N-Out takes the cake. But to be healthy before a race we usually find a sushi bar or a place to get a nice piece of fish.

25. When you’re not at a race event, what would a perfect night be like for you? (ex. Pizza and a movie with your family, going out to a play with your friends, etc.)

Hanging out at home with my wife and the dog. I’ll cook a nice meal and then we will watch a movie while we eat and go to sleep early. I’m really a homebody and hate being away from home.

26. What’s the best thing about being part of the Kinetic team?

There are two things. The first is that it’s an honor to be a part of a factory racing program. There aren’t too many manufacturers that are involved in racing anymore but KIA has jumped in headfirst and that is great. The second is it’s more of a family instead of a team. Race results are important but we also manage to have a good time throughout the weekend.

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